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Wreckage \Wreck"age\ (?; 48), n.
The act of wrecking, or state of being wrecked. [1913 Webster]
That which has been wrecked; remains of a wreck. [1913 Webster]

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wreckage n : the remaining parts of something that has been wrecked; "they searched the wreckage for signs of survivors"



  1. Something wrecked, especially the remains or debris of something wrecked.
For the Transformers characters see Wreckage (Transformers).
Wreckage is the first album by British DJ/producer Overseer. Most of its tracks have been featured in an advertisement, film, trailer, or television show.

Track listing

  1. "Slayed"
  2. "Stompbox"
  3. "Supermoves"
  4. "Velocity Shift"
  5. "Horndog"
  6. "Meteorology"
  7. "Aquaplane"
  8. "Doomsday"
  9. "Basstrap"
  10. "Sparks"
  11. "Never"
  12. "Heligoland"


  1. "Slayed"
  2. "Horndog"
  3. "Doomsday"
  4. "Aquaplane"
  5. "Meteorology"
  6. "Sparks"
  7. "Never"
  8. "Heligoland"
  9. "Supermoves"
  10. "Basstrap"
  11. "Velocity Shift"



The track Horndog was released as a single from this album. The song contains a sample from DJ Kool's Let me clear my throat. Like much of Overseer's work, this track has been used for commercial purposes on the Mitsubishi Endeavour advertisement.
The track was also used for 2007-08 Phoenix Suns player introduction video. It can be seen here.


  • Rob Overseer - Production, engineering, mixing, and additional instrumentation
  • Dave Creffield - Production, engineering, mixing, and string arrangements
  • Zak Speakerfreak - Vocals on Slayed and Stompbox
  • Chris Live - Vocals on Velocity Shift, Doomsday, and Basstrap
  • Nick Life - Vocals on Horndog
  • Sandra Pehrsson - Vocals on Meteorology
  • Andrew Montgomery - Vocals on Aquaplane
  • Rachael Gray - Vocals on Sparks
  • Jakk Frost - Rap on Never
  • Vicky - Vocals on Never
  • Ricky Wilson - M*fo's on Never
  • Brian Perkins - Spoken Word on Heligoland
  • Ruth Boswell - Cello on Meteorology, Never, and Heligoland
  • Rebekah Allan - Violin on Meteorology, Never, and Heligoland
  • Alice Laing - Violin on Never
  • Emesto Estruch - Violin on Meteorology and Heligoland
  • Michael Whittaker - Viola on Never
  • Paul Jones - Piano on Meteorology and Sparks
  • Chris Blair - Mastering
  • Artwork by Cally, Rob Overseer, and Geoff Johnston
  • Photography by Cally and Jill Strong
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